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Deeply distressing or disturbing life events can lead to serious emotional distress and trauma. This can manifest in its most extreme forms as either post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or as developmental trauma disorder (DTD). The impacts of trauma cannot be underestimated and can lead to social isolation, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, a sense that the world is unsafe and dangerous, an inability to manage one’s emotions (becoming either highly anxious or numb), trouble with interpersonal relationships and a pessimistic general outlook on one’s own life.

A week-long Resurface retreat or EMDR intensive gives clients the opportunity to tackle their traumatic symptoms through participation in various evidence-based psychological interventions and activities. These include trauma sensitive and regular yoga classes, psycho-educational workshops, surf-lessons, experiential group therapy, meditation/mindfulness sessions, and the social interactions of being with an open group of peers.

The therapeutic activities are facilitated by psychologist/therapist Josh Dickson and Dr. Kristine Steffenak with the surf activities led by Youness Arhbi. Completing a Resurface retreat will give participants essential tools to manage their depression as well bringing more optimism and confidence into all areas of their lives. Our research gathered from Resurface retreats show significant improvements in posttraumatic growth having attended either the ‘Trauma Resolution Resolution’ or the ‘Resilience and Flow’ programs. The Change in Outlook Questionnaire (CiOQ) is a common measure in post-traumatic growth research.

This questionnaire measures the positive and negative change in outlook following trauma, where a higher score indicates a higher positive change. An increased score over time is suggested to be reflective of post-traumatic growth. The analysis showed a statistically significant increase in change in outlook score (p=.046), indicating significant post-traumatic growth from baseline to post-retreat (see Figure 3). The mean scores increased from 101.5 (SD= 18.6) to 110.4 (SD= 18.9). Figure 3: Bar chart indicating a significant increase in score on the CiOQ between baseline (M=101.5, SD=18.6) and post-retreat (M= 110.4, SD= 18.9), p=.046.

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Resurface group therapy retreat will give you the opportunity to experience the power of various Inner Child Healing techniques, empowering you to continue to heal yourself and make positive changes in all areas of your life even when you leave us. You will gain a great understanding of yourself and your needs and you will reconnect with a very special part of your soul! This retreat gives you the tools, time, and space to address the aspects of your life which cause you disappointment, pain, and suffering.

Even though we are adults now and childhood is long left behind, there are often traumas and suffering that we carry into our adult life. These experiences can have us acting out patterns and hurts in the present moment, which can damage our relationships and our health. Often we are in conflict with ourselves and this can start in early childhood.

The Inner child is a real and delicate entity that holds very deep and superficial wounds. The feelings can be quite incapacitating to the mature adult who carries them around. As adults, we can look at ourselves and see a grown-up but most people are actually walking around with a wounded child inside.

Our intuitive intelligence, joy, natural self-expression, and an overall sense of well-being dwell in the inner child. If this inner child has been forgotten, traumatized, hurt, ignored, or suppressed then we carry this around throughout our lives and act out. The little child in us desired to be loved, cared, and nurtured. Sometimes, these needs were not met, and therefore the inner child remains unfulfilled, unable to integrate itself into its adult self, still pining for healing and wholeness.

5 Life-Changing Benefits of Completing Drug Rehabilitation

The objective of drug rehabs is to stop substance abuse and discover the tools to construct an efficient life. That might sound simple enough, but it can extremely tough. Like the hardest part is acknowledging a need for treatment.

Going into a Treatment Program

The obstacle in a treatment program is remaining in treatment enough to not just break without the help of any drugs which will get your life back on track. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five crucial benefits of a drug rehabilitation program for you or a loved one.

Break the Addictive Cycle

Individuals who are addicted to drugs need to be in a drug-free environment with individuals who will hold them liable for their objective of getting off drugs. Drug rehabilitation might start with detoxing, which assists the addict to get rid of his or her body of the drugs and deal with any withdrawal signs.

Find out about Addiction

You can believe more plainly and can inform yourself about your addiction when you are far from drugs. Finding out about your addiction shows the insight into which individuals, occasions, sensory experiences, and practices set off yearnings for drugs. When you shift back into your day-to-day life, a lot of drug rehabilitation centers can assist you in checking out those triggers so that you can make planned efforts to prevent or handle them.

Go into the Underlying Issues

There are lots of factors individuals get addicted to drugs; however, you should get insight into what draws you towards your compound of option. Do drugs assist numb you mentally, so you do not have to feel physical or psychological discomfort?

Therapists at rehabilitation centers are trained to assist you to go into these underlying problems, understand them, and assist you to construct brand-new coping abilities that do not count on compound usage.

Construct New Behaviors and Practices

A lot of individuals with a history of drug usage have bad discipline and self-care routines. The majority of individuals, whether in healing or not, do not understand how to set objectives that are most likely to be accomplished.

They at first believe a couple of tweaks of their schedule will assist them to stop their usage of compounds. However, they stop working to recognize the compulsive nature of dependencies and the strong grip it has on their life. Rehabilitation can assist you set long-lasting and brief objectives in the locations most crucial to strong healing.

Develop Healthy Limits

Compound abusers normally do not take enough obligations for their life and habits while loved ones take on too much duty. The relational limit that generally assists individuals to look through a healthy relationship is in doubt or typically distorted in households where there is an addicting pattern.

What emerges from relationships with badly specified borders is a survival mindset where family member presume functions to deal with tension. These functions can briefly minimize tension; they increase confusion and stress and anxiety since the underlying problem of the compound usage is never straight dealt with. Rehabilitation can assist you in understanding where these borders get tangled up and reveal your methods to keep them healthy.


Say bye bye to drugs

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When your aim is to bid adieu to the formidable drug and alcohol, you must be geared up to face the challenges of the greedy drug world. The Drug rehab centers have found many such instances, where the victim has again started taking drugs or alcohol after the rehab process. The centers have to also show proper treatment methodologies so that the addict losses the urge.
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The modern rehab policies clearly emphasize on various psychic therapies and counseling. Even the addicts are sent for workshop or group discussion. The addicts are often sent even for horse riding or sun bath. Such diversified activities reduce their desire of drug intake by default. Any program must be able to reinstall the confidence level on the addicts as they are to face the real world after the rehab. Luxury Drug Rehab considers all such points before sending you.