Day: June 13, 2021

Your Waxing Questions Answered

There are many different treatments that you can enjoy when visiting a spa, however, this time you may be considering something that you haven’t tried before; waxing. Granted, it can evoke images of red skin and painful tears but thankfully such waxing sessions tend to be a thing of the past!

If you are new to waxing we are happy to guide you through the various types of waxing treatments available as well as answer those questions that you just might not feel comfortable asking someone in person! Our recommendation is the Riviera Spa is a great selection of different waxing services.

Leg Wax

A popular choice, getting a leg wax will leave your legs looking and feeling beautifully smooth. Usually, a leg wax involves hair removal from the ankles right up to the top of the thighs, although you can specify up to the knee only, for instance, if you prefer.

Bikini Wax

This wax treatment goes hand in hand with leg waxing. It is an excellent choice for summer vacations or just for ladies, in general, to feel good about themselves. The bikini wax treatment will remove all hair that would otherwise be visible when wearing bikini bottoms, it can include hair removal on the front of the pubic bone as well.

Eyebrow Wax

A more minor treatment but for one that can make a real difference to appearance and self-esteem. Eyebrow waxing involves identifying the most flattering eyebrow shape for your face and using a wax treatment to remove all hair outside of the desired shape.

Back Wax

This choice may be more popular for males although some females also find that they wish to remove undesired hair on their back. Naturally, the area to wax is significantly large so the cost for the first session can be not the high side.

Now that we understand the typical wax treatments offered it’s time to answer those awkward questions!

Does Waxing Hurt?

No one wants to look like a wimp in front of other people. This could be the sole reason that you have been putting off booking a wax treatment. We’ll level with you on this one; you are going to feel something. Waxing involves pulling the hair from the root so it is only logical that it will be more painful than other more temporary hair removal treatments such as shaving or hair removal cream.

That being said, several factors will play a significant role in the level of pain that you will experience. One of the main ones is the skill set of the therapist. Choosing a professional spa therapist to care for the wax treatment means that you put yourself in the hands of someone who has learned how to use a technique that will make the whole experience as pleasant as possible. This can make a massive difference in whether you decide to go for a wax treatment again.

Another factor is how many times you get waxed; the first time is likely going to be more painful than repeat treatments as you continue to go to the same therapist for your waxing needs you will soon find that you spend the sessions catching up and chatting rather than focusing on any pain felt.

How About Getting Waxed On My Period Or When Pregnant?

It’s fine to get a wax treatment on your period, however, your skin is likely going to be more sensitive at this time of the month, that is why we recommend booking your treatment for a few days before if possible.

For pregnant ladies the choice is theirs. It is usually deemed safe to wax during pregnancy although it’s always a good idea to check in with your doctor or midwife first. As is the case when on your period, being pregnant causes fluctuations in hormones which can make your skin more sensitive so even if you are used to waxing pre-pregnancy you may find it more painful when you have a precious little cargo on board.

How Long Does Hair Have To Be?

It can be difficult to get a smooth finish when hair is too short so aim for around 3 to 5 mm; in other words, the length of a grain of rice.

Indeed, waxing treatments are a wonderful way to enjoy smooth skin for a considerable amount of time. Why not chat to one of the friendly spa therapists to see how you could benefit from this type of hair removal? more info here